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AIR Care

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Air Freshener Vanilla 5L

Air Freshener Vanilla 5L

Code: CAF5V

5 litres, 

Concentrated air freshener.  As a space spray used direct from container.  As a cleaner: use 2 cups per bucket.


GST Inc $24.05

AIR WICK Air Freshener 237g Lavender/Vanilla/Citrus

AIR WICK Air Freshener 237g Lavender/Vanilla/Citrus

Code: CAF237g

Fragrance : Lavender, Vanilla, Citrus

AIR WICK Aerosols 4in1 is the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and bring a burst of freshness to any room in your home. AIR WICK 4in1 neutralises odours in seconds, leaving a delightful and lasting fragrance in your home.


GST Inc $2.75

AIROMA Premium Air Freshener 270ml

AIROMA Premium Air Freshener 270ml

Code: CAF270

3000 sprays per can.

AIROMA fragrances are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences

Suitable for use in most automatic aerosol dispensers, including the Airoma and Micro Airoma Automatic Odour control systems


GST Inc $8.65

Glen 20 (300g)

Glen 20 (300g)

Code: CAFG20300G

Glen 20 kills Influenza Virus, Mould and Mildew, Eliminates Odours, Kills Germs at the Press of a Button.


GST Inc $7.47

Micro Airoma Automatic Fragrance Dispenser

Micro Airoma Automatic Fragrance Dispenser

Code: MDAA

The compact and sleek design of the Micro Airoma makes it suitable for use in a variety of locations.

The patented I.P.E system provides flexible programming options allow costs to be fixed and matching fragrance delivery and odour control to location conditions. The I.P.E facility enables programmable fragrance intensity, by allowing users to program  up to 3 periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery to location requirements. Higher fragrance levels can be selected at known busy period. A countdown clock indicates time until next spray and confirms operation of unit.

  • LCD Screen
  • 3000 metered sprays per refill



GST Inc $54.95

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